Every person is unique.Every person drives differently. That’s why we developed our unique methodology and powerful diagnostic tools. Every piece of information is carefully collected, then analysed to create the driver’s Safety Score. Our technology does not only brings order to all that endless stream of data, but also puts the right priorities and weights to each item, making sure that it receives the right attention.

Whether your fleet has dozens, hundreds or thousands of drivers, it is important to realize that each individual demonstrates different patterns and tendencies.

For the first time, with ProDriver technology, drivers and managers can clearly view and analyze strengths and weaknesses, determine potential risks and prevent road collisions before they happen.

Advanced reports and BI are also available.

Safety Score is not the end, it’s actually where we start. Using our unique ProDriver approach, we will build a personal training path for every participant. The courses are motivating and easy to digest, sending a clear message and tracking the changes afterwards. Each driver can see his Safety Score and his/her location versus other team mates. This creates a positive atmosphere of changing driving culture throughout the entire fleet.


Together we will motivate your team to adapt a new driving culture. One that is safer for them, reduces fuel costs and decreases emission. We believe in a broad spectrum of offerings, internal marketing and follow ups to drive a real change that will last.

We offer a selection of additional services that will improve the performance of the fleet such as Driving Analysis with professional drive guides, Collision Investigation, Costs Analysis and more. Contact us for details.